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28 Nov

Sounds like a simple question right? Interestingly enough,
many of our clients have no idea what their skin type is and because of this, incorrect products for their skin type are used.

• Normal - Skin is clear, soft and smooth looking and most importantly doesn’t need special care. No signs of flaking or oiliness.

• Sensitive - Skin is delicate and can sometimes be associated with irritable, itchy and red skin after the use of a certain product.

• Combination - The forehead, nose and chin is commonly oily and known as the T-zone and is normal to dry on the rest of the face especially the cheeks. Oily areas are prone to breakouts, blackheads and large pores.

• Dry - Skin feels tight and dehydrated due to lack of moisture. Prone to dry patches or flaky areas. Skin also tends to look dull.

• Oily - Skin looks shiny or greasy. Prone to breakouts, acne, blackheads and have large visible pores.

What's your skin type? Comment below.